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Thursday the 17th of April.Day One.


MATCH REPORTS Thursday 17 April 2014


MATCH REPORTS Friday 18 April 2014


MATCH REPORTS Saturday 19 April 2014


Asian Cricket Sixes Tour (ACST) 11th Annual Phuket International Cricket Sixes Tournament 2014MATCH REPORTS Sunday 20 April 2014


11th April - Media Release for Phuket Cricket Sixes 2014



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Asian Cricket Sixes Tour(ACST)
Asian Cricket Sixes Tour(ACST)
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Media Release

10 April 2014

Twenty four teams from Australia, the Middle East, the Sub-continent, England, the Asian region and Phuket are set to deliver some thrilling cricket this week at the newly refurbished Republic Phuket Football Ground.

The Asian Cricket Sixes Tour (ACST) 11th Annual Phuket International Cricket Week 2014 is again partnering with Kata Group Resorts Thailand and the Republic Phuket Football Ground to present the “Fun In The Fun” cricket events.

ACST Chairman Michael Maher said last year’s winning teams in the Kata Group International Cricket 7s and Phuket International Cricket Sixes - Wolfpack and wmfb - had returned this year to defend their titles.

“The new re-laid surface of the pitch and upgraded Republic Phuket Football Ground will mean that teams and spectators will see some quality cricket,” Mr Maher said.

“Team members, including Australian Indoor Cricket Team member Will Badger, have said they are looking forward to a high standard of play this year.”

Khun Pramookpisitt Achariyachai, President of the Kata Group Resorts Thailand and Phuket Football Club said the Group was pleased the ACST’s “Fun In The Fun” cricket events would be amongst the first to enjoy the upgraded ground and new facilities.

“The Kata Group Resorts Thailand has a proud five-year partnership with the ACST and the Annual Phuket International Cricket Week,” Khun Pramookpisitt said.

“We are particularly pleased to see some young local players who are funded by the ACST and supporters join Phuket Cricket Club teams.


“The Kata Group Resorts Thailand and the Republic Phuket Football Groundshare the philosophy of support and development of local children and young people through sport – in our case through football.

“We are also proud to be a leader in supporting sport in Phuket through The Kings Cup Sailing, Beach Volleyball, Rugby, Indoor Soccer and of course the Phuket Football Club.”

The Republic Phuket Football Ground, which is owned by the entertainment media creator Republic Phuket, is managed by Mr Pariyawit Achariyachai, a son of Khun Pramookpisitt.

“My team has been working with the ACST to ensure the pitch and the ground are in the best condition to provide teams and spectators with some great cricket,” Khun Pariyawit said.

“Our people have also been working hard to provide a quality off-field facilities for all.”

Mr Maher also thanked long-term supporter of the event, Australian-based Asia Escape Holidays (AEH) and the Phuket Cricket Group for their ongoing contribution to the development of cricket in Phuket.

He said people interested in watching or learning about cricket were invited to the tournaments. Entry is free and refreshments were sold at the ground.

For information about the tournaments: www.cricketsixes.com and www.phuketsixes.com or e-mail mmaher.padmir@bigpond.com
About Kata Group Resorts Thailand
Kata Group Resorts Thailand has a 32-year reputation for offering high-quality, affordable resort destinations and the world-famous Thai holiday experience.
Kata Group Resorts Thailand currently owns and operates six resorts in Thailand: Kata Beach Resort & Spa, Phuket; Beyond Resort Karon, Phuket; Phuket Orchid Resort & Spa, Phuket; Kandaburi Resort & Spa, Koh Samui; Beyond Resort Khaolak, Phang Nga and Beyond Resort Krabi in Krabi. For more information please visit www.katagroup.com

Media contact: Michael Maher mmaher.padmir@bigpond.com


Asian Cricket Sixes Tour (ACST) 11th Annual Phuket International Cricket Sixes Tournament 2014

Kata 7's

Australia's Wolfpack retain last year’s title to win Kata Group International Cricket 7s

CBB'S defeated the Rowdies/Qatar in the Bowl Final


Phuket 6's

MG7 Cricket Club, Kuwait, take out Cup Final

Mount Compass Bulls take out the Bowl Final                                                                                                                                                                    

The CBB'S defeated the Southern Stars in the final of the Plate Final

Wild Men From Borneo 2 (WMFB2) win Shield Final

Beach Crikcet

CBB's beat the Southern Stars in the Beach Cricket Final

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